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During the Emerging Writers’ Festival, a team of writers, editors, photographers and designers are producing ten issues of a dynamic daily newspaper, The Gazette. Distributed around the festival venues, the newspaper covers events and initiates conversation about the industry.

Created in 2016, the publication is now in its second year. A carefully selected group of 40 RMIT students have formed a crack publishing team of quick-thinking editorial staff and on-the-ground reporters, working to real-world deadlines.

The range of final content is developed day to day but includes interviews, creative writing, criticism, opinion, profiles, social media engagement, production, design, photography and investigative journalism that responds to the festival’s content.

The project gives students an industry focused hands-on immersive learning experience as a way to build their professional experience, skills and creative abilities. Students work closely with each other and with industry specialists in a structured project to produce nine editions of The Gazette.

The Gazette is led by Associate Professor Francesca Rendle-Short (co-director of non/fictionLab, Deputy Dean of Media & Communication), Tracy O’Shaughnessy (Program Manager, Master of Writing and Publishing, Managing Editor, Bowen Street Press) and Dr Ronnie Scott (Lecturer in Creative Writing, Founder of The Lifted Brow and author and editor).

The Gazette can be found in hardcopy at The Wheeler Centre, the State Library of Victoria, 1000 Pound Bend, Dandenong Library, Springvale Library, Walker Street Gallery and Signal.

The Gazette is an initiative of the Emerging Writers’ Festival and the School of Media and Communication, RMIT University.

2017 Team:

Maria Atwell
Danielle Baulch
Callie Beuermann
Carina Beyer
Marianne Bravo
Iryna Byelyayeva
Ben Callinan
Kat Capel
J’aime Cardillo
Pallavi Daniel
Sarah Dunwoodie
Lauren Dymke
Bethany Edwards
Naomi Johnson
Ben Knight
Jasmine Mahon
Neve Mahoney
Alexandra Milne
Stephanie Milsom
Nina Montero
Olivia Morffew
Sophie Nilsson
Justin Palmieri
Daniel Pang
Gemma Pass
Ceyda Resulogu
Jason Rohmursanto
Darcy Rock
Nikki Russian
Shannon Steuer
Margot Tanjutco
Gloria Tanuseputra
Amanda Thai
Johanna Thewlis
Trong van Nguyen
Jessica Zebung

2016 Team:

Elise Hassett
Ella Palij
Eloise Mae Foster
Gina Marie Cawley
Grace Carter
Helen MacLeod
Isabella Oliveria
Jackson Holloway
Janice Simpson
Jess Zibung
Kate Abbey
Lauren Dymke
Louise Angrilli
Madeleine Hall
Miles Campisi
Natasha Grivas
Oscar Jonsson
Peter d’Arcy Clynes
Pia Gaardboe
Raphia Solars
Shona McCarthy
Sudan Deng
Stan Lilimbakis
Steve Inguanti
Thomas Carr
Thomas Wilson
Zenobia Ahmed

This website was created in 2016 by Ella Palij and is updated in 2017 by the Gazette team.

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