9 Slices

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In 2015, 33 students from the RMIT School of Media and Communication spent 9 days working closely with each other and with industry specialists to produce a well designed, beautifully executed 200-page print book: 9 Slices.  The project was curated by Associate Professor Francesca Rendle-Short, discipline leader in Writing and co-director of non/fictionLab and supported by Tracy O’Shaughnessy and Penny Johnson.  9 Slices was a showcase event at the Emerging Writers’ Festival.

The team pulled together writers, editors, designers, photographs and professional communication students, from first year to research students, both VE and HE programs, in an industry focused, joint project that gave them a hands-on immersive learning experience.  Each day a writer, designer and an editor worked on a chapter of the book, developing an innovative work of storytelling and design, nonfiction and fiction.

The project attracted publicity with write-ups in The Herald Sun, The Age and an appearance from the curator on ABC774.

9 Slices

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